Do you know your exact developer needs?

by Dongeun Paeng, Senior Partner

1. Finding balance

The question of how many developers you need for a project is not just a numbers game; it's a strategic decision with significant financial and operational implications.

Overstaffing leads to increased costs and potential inefficiencies, as extra hands may create bottlenecks or simply have insufficient work to do. On the flip side, understaffing puts tremendous pressure on your existing team, likely resulting in burnout and delayed deliverables.

2. Desperate CEOs

One common pitfall CEOs face is failing to consider the project's complexity and timeline accurately. A small, straightforward project could spiral into a large, intricate endeavor if not properly assessed, requiring more developers than initially estimated.

Similarly, what may seem like a complex project may be modular, making it easier to tackle with a lean team. The key is to have a nuanced understanding of your project's demands.

But how can you achieve this if you lack a background in programming? The answer is simple: consult someone who can make an accurate assessment for you.

3. Both expertise and integrity are needed

Another point to consider is the skill level of the developers you're looking to hire. High-skilled developers may cost more but will usually be more efficient, potentially reducing the number of people needed. Low-skilled developers may come at a lower cost, but you might end up needing more of them to accomplish the same amount of work, nullifying any initial cost savings.

But why would any skilled developers want to work with you? It takes a lot of luck to find and collaborate with a trustworthy partner who can develop what you ask for.

This is where consulting experts can add significant value. An experienced consultant can help you gauge the "man-month" or the amount of work a developer can realistically accomplish in a month. This metric is crucial for estimating the actual number of developers required for your project. Not only does it provide an objective measure to base staffing decisions on, but it also allows for more effective project planning and budgeting.

In summary, knowing the exact number of developers you need is essential for achieving a balanced, effective, and financially viable project. An accurate estimation avoids the pitfalls of overstaffing or understaffing, thereby maximizing both productivity and profitability.


Many teams collaborate with outsourced programmers or consultants to accelerate their project. Especially when introducing a new tech stack, or when your development team mainly consists of junior developers, consider using software consulting with pair programming. Working side by side with a skilled developer for one month can be as valuable as half a year's salary for a junior developer.

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