Case Study - Navigating financial regulations

Fictilis is the pioneering company that integrated FinTech and PropTech.

Fictilis (Code name)
Frontend, Backend, DBMS, Infrastructure


Real estate mortgages are usually in the form of bonds, which include interest. Most people buying real estate take out loans and combine them with their own capital to make the purchase. From the creditor's perspective, real estate mortgages are relatively safe because they're secured by the property. From the borrower's perspective, they're essential because buying real estate typically requires a large sum of money.

Our client aims to facilitate more active trading of these bonds among individuals by injecting liquidity. To do this, the bonds must be fragmented, their transfer should be real-time, and their prices should be market-driven.

Platforms that enable trading of such fragmented assets are called "slice investment platforms" in South Korea.

The technology required for this project is similar to that for building a trading system. However, the form of the bonds must also be legally maintained, requiring a deep understanding of the client's unique business logic, like market price tracking.

The client had an excellent team, and yet enlisted Da Vinci Technologies to augment and accelerate their product development efforts.

After carefully considering technical requirements, we implemented the speed of an early-stage startup by operating in weekly sprints. We also showcased tangible products to the client's project manager every 1-2 weeks through demo-driven development.

We built an Admin Web using NextJS and Antd within a week and filled it with mock data to initially check if it works as per the business logic. We then used Spring Boot to write all the APIs at once, significantly shortening the development period. Of course, this involved studying heavy documents issued by various government agencies to comply with financial regulations.

What we did

  • Frontend (Next.js)
  • Backend (Spring Boot)
  • DBMS (MySQL)
  • Infrastructure (Nginx, NCP)

Collaborating with Da Vinci, we were impressed by their rapid grasp of complex financial and domain specific concepts.

J Jo, Cofounder of Fictilis

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