Case Study - Internalization over SaaS, Tax Automation

Building competitive edge through technology internalization

Habilis Accounting Firm (Code name)
DBMS, Backend, Frontend, RPA, Authentication, Notification


Tax firms have many areas suitable for RPA (Robotic Process Automation), like bookkeeping for clients, downloading documents from the government website, and calculating refundable taxes. Tax firms are increasingly utilizing RPA for these tasks.

In traditional industries undergoing digital transformation, SaaS companies armed with RPA tools often emerge. These companies charge around 100,000 won per month to automate tasks usually done by 1-2 employees. While this saves labor costs, its sustainability is questionable. Significant investment is poured into SaaS companies that have large development teams. These trends can divert focus from creating truly user-oriented products.

Tax firms also face the risk of becoming dependent on a standardized SaaS product, leading to perpetual competition among themselves.

Wise tax firms with a long-term view are creating their unique products. Our client had a strong sales force that was difficult to replicate due to their deep domain understanding. They had a low risk of churn because of long-term relationships built on exceptional compensation and humble customer service.

The client needed a bespoke solution that could handle adjustments to taxes that businesses shouldn't have paid initially. They had been doing this manually, unable to keep up with their sales team's pace.

To meet this need, they sought out Da Vinci Technologies. Our team provided a turnkey custom solution, integrating services like tax adjustment claim pages, tax firm website, automated document downloading, tax calculation algorithms, and sales performance dashboards.

What we did

  • DBMS (MySQL)
  • Backend (Spring Boot)
  • Frontend (NextJS)
  • RPA (Puppeteer)
  • Auth (OAuth2)
  • Notification (Slack)

We were so busy with tax work that we couldn't properly manage the consulting. Thankfully, Dongeun Paeng took on the role of Project Manager, overseeing progress, handling contract matters, and even taking care of administrative tasks like cloud server sign-ups and payment methods. Da Vinci regularly comes to us with demo products, so we can simply say whether we like it or not without having to discuss details.

Jung Yoo, Partner of Habilis
Incremental hit ratio
NPS of sales force
Time to parse the data

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