Discipline and expertise meet science and engineering.

We're a tech group at the intersection of science and engineering. Our imaginative teamwork honors the powerful thinking of those who came before us.

We’ve worked with hundreds of amazing people

  • Fictilis (Code name)
  • Habilis (Code name)
  • Adtenti (Code name)
  • Corium (Code name)
  • Amicis (Code name)
  • Modulus (Code name)
  • Korea Car Carrier Call Center
  • KST Mobility
  • Seoul National University

Services - We help our customers to streamline their processes and hit their targets within the schedule.

We're in this journey with them — our success is interwoven with theirs. If that involves putting our skin in the game alongside them — we're all in, time and time again.

  • Software consulting. We specialise in developing software, improving development processes, and integrating with existing teams. Thus far, we've developed ERP systems, dashboards, monitoring tools, chat services, and much more.
  • 3D simulation software. We not only assist our clients in becoming more proficient in products like ANSYS, Fluent, SimScale, SIMetrix, and AutoCAD, but we also create custom solutions using CUDA and C++ to meet their specific analysis objectives.
  • Equity investment. We sometimes accept a portion of our client's equity as consulting fees. Unlike regular investors, we secure our consulting fees by selling shares at a discount in the next funding round. In this process, we offer a call option to our clients, helping even cash-strapped startups receive the necessary consulting.
  • Math and science magazine. We distribute fundamental principles of the universe and scientific thinking through our math and science magazine, "Magazine Y," in an easy and fun way. Both current decision-makers and the rising generation require more mathematical and scientific knowledge and ways of thinking.
  • Private equity advisory. Our specialized unit, known as the Private Equity Advisory (PEA), exclusively serves private equity firms. This dedicated team focuses on driving digital transformation in portfolio companies. This unit is led by top talents from prestigious strategic consulting firms, private equity firms, and leading tech companies.
  • Nuclear energy and green hydrogen. Da Vinci Technologies believes that SMR (Small Modular Reactors) and green hydrogen will play the most significant role in addressing the climate crisis. Out of a sense of social responsibility, rather than for profit motives, we provide consulting and outsourcing services to researchers in these fields.
  • Corporate training. We specialize in on-site training for large corporates, delivering courses that cover Web fundamentals, Python for data analysis, Robotic Process Automation, and beyond. Our tailored curricula aim to boost workplace efficiency and decision-making. Ideal for organizations looking to upgrade their teams' skills.

Harnessing technology for a brighter future

We believe science and engineering is the answer to the world’s greatest challenges. We want to help great visionaries think clearer and see further through the lens we provide.

Fictilis (Code name)

Case study

Navigating financial regulations

Fictilis is the pioneering company that integrated FinTech and PropTech.

Corium (Code name)

Case study

High traffic and the challenge of domain transfer

Corium is the oldest traditional leather artisan brand in Korea.

Collaborating with Da Vinci, we were impressed by their rapid grasp of complex financial and domain specific concepts.

J Jo, Cofounder of Fictilis

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