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Da Vinci Technologies doesn't provide flashy PowerPoint slides or presentations. We prove the value of our consulting through functional products and well-crafted source code. We started as a startup operating our own services and expanded into consulting. We have a separate service with annual revenue exceeding 15 million USD and over 1 million members, built on our own mobile applications and web programs. Throughout this journey, we've directly faced and solved various challenges, including government regulations, hacking threats, firmware issues, LTE problems, privacy regulations, investor relations, and layoffs. We understand our clients not just as programmers but also as businesspeople.

Client stories

Fictilis (Code name)

Frontend, Backend, DBMS, Infrastructure

Navigating financial regulations

Fictilis is the pioneering company that integrated FinTech and PropTech.

We collaborated with our client to create a system for easy, real-time buying and selling of small pieces of real estate loans, following financial rules.

Collaborating with Da Vinci, we were impressed by their rapid grasp of complex financial and domain specific concepts.

J Jo, Cofounder of Fictilis

Corium (Code name)

Domain management, Transfer oversight

High traffic and the challenge of domain transfer

Corium is the oldest traditional leather artisan brand in Korea.

We oversaw and monitored the entire domain transfer process for your client.

The DaVinci team always responded quickly and alleviated my anxiety by explaining the principles behind everything, such as what a nameserver is and why errors occur.

Tay Lee, CPO of Corium

Habilis Accounting Firm (Code name)

DBMS, Backend, Frontend, RPA, Authentication, Notification

Internalization over SaaS, Tax Automation

Building competitive edge through technology internalization

We collaborated with Habilis to create a sales augmentation system. By logging in and making a few clicks, their sales team can simplify, clarify, and enhance their sales process.

We were so busy with tax work that we couldn't properly manage the consulting. Thankfully, Dongeun Paeng took on the role of Project Manager, overseeing progress, handling contract matters, and even taking care of administrative tasks like cloud server sign-ups and payment methods. Da Vinci regularly comes to us with demo products, so we can simply say whether we like it or not without having to discuss details.

Jung Yoo, Partner of Habilis

Amicis (Code name)

DBMS, Tableau

99.75% faster dashboard in two weeks

Amicis is a Korean cosmetics brand with over $10M in revenue.

We redesigned the DB and created a dashboard, reducing the time our client takes for cohort analysis by 100x.

Da Vinci completed work so quickly, it initially seemed too good to be true. They rapidly reached 80% completion, then carefully finished the remaining 20%.

Jay Shin, COO of Amicis

Adtenti (Code name)

Frontend, Backend, DBMS, Infrastructure

When you need more customization than shopify offers

Adtenti is a luxury import curator specializing in bringing New York's Fifth Avenue to Korea.

We contracted with the client's four-member startup team to provide a PM + Dev package, built their online store, and trained them on DB and CMS usage.

Da Vinci didn't just build the online store; they also taught database usage and basic queries. Da Vinci seems to focus on the quickest path to achieving goals rather than fixating on technology.

H Park, Founder of Adtenti

The Da Vinci team is simply smart. They organize things that I can't and pinpoint confusing concepts when I ramble. I feel a sense of psychological comfort working with them, which makes the process faster and smoother.

S Lee, Project manager of Modulus (Code name)

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  • Korea Car Carrier Call Center
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